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Our technology

Keepser is the only internationally patented cold wallet in the world, awarded the Innovation Award at CES 2022.
The technology implemented in Keepser cards is also a world champion in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF INTERNATIONAL INVENTIONS IN GENEVA 2021.
Thanks to the association with an application installed on your smartphone, you achieve an optimal level of security by combining a highly reliable and secure authentication and storage device, based on segmented key technology. Unlike other solutions on the market, private keys are segmented into multiple parts that are distributed among the various elements of the Keepser Cold Wallet solution, providing an unparalleled level of security.


Intrinsic security

KEEPSER cards are passive components (there is no hackable firmware) and are protected against physical attacks. All accesses used during manufacture and testing are automatically and permanently destroyed after the final validation.


Native system security

Each card has an encrypted unique identifier that is used to create native security and control functions, automatically managed by the Keepser Cold Wallet solution, which no one can access (neither the user nor Keepser).


Administration security

The administration interface, which is separate from the user interface and has a different access security, enables the user to define comprehensive security rules and associate trust criteria to each keeps. The administration and user interfaces can be managed separately by two different entities.


Trust criteria

1 to 3 "trust criteria*" can be defined for each keeps to control how the KEEPSER app can access and decrypt keeps or other data stored on the card. Trust criteria may include the following techniques: passwords, biometrics and, above all, geofencing, with the aim of prohibiting card use outside a geolocated area. (*The trust criteria depend on the Keepser model purchased).


Data security

All keeps and trust criteria, as well as all keys and stored information are encrypted on the card with state-of-the-art technology using AES 256 or other techniques, as well as proprietary segmented key technology. Lost or stolen cards are not accessible and their data cannot be hacked.


Connectivity and
transaction security

The KEEPSER app can use the keys stored on the card to establish end-to-end encrypted communication channels and perform ultra-secure transmissions or transactions through any type of link (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC). Encryption keys and ECC mechanisms are updated in each session.