Keepser is the most secure card in its class. It is Greentech and meets your digital security needs with patented technology and 2021 World Champion.

NFC cold wallet
30 years warranty
Greentech card


Tailored to your needs with different storage capacities.

Keepser Pass

Keepser PASS is an offline password manager. Keepser technology encrypts all of your data (usernames, passwords, bank cards or loyalty cards) before storing them in the card.
Capacity: 50 Keeps


Keepser Pass
(card and backup)

Capacity: 2 x 50 Keeps


Keepser Premium

Keepser PREMIUM is an offline password manager + a cold wallet. It has the same functions as the Keepser PASS and also stores your cryptocurrencies and seed phrases.
Capacity: 50 Keeps


Keepser Premium
(card and backup)

Capacity: 2 x 50 Keeps


Keepser Premium+

Keepser PREMIUM + is an offline password manager + a cold wallet. It has the same functions as the Keepser PASS and also stores your cryptocurrencies and seed phrases.
Capacity: 100 Keeps


Keepser Premium+
(card and backup)

Capacity: 2 x 100 Keeps


Keepser Backup

Keepser is delivered with a second white card (backup) which allows you to make a backup of all the data contained in the black card. You must keep this white card in a safe place.
Capacity: 50 Keeps for Keepser Pass & Premium backup card, 100 Keeps for Keepser Premium+ backup card

Keepser Pass Backup: 219€
Keepser Premium Backup: 285€
Keepser Premium+ Backup: 349€

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With a smartphone and Keepser, you achieve the highest level of security offered by a card.

Crypto hardware wallet

At last, a real safe portable device. The private keys of your cryptos and seed phrases are in a safe place, and never leave the card.

No cloud / server

The data is never outsourced to any cloud or server (such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, social networks, etc.) no risk of leakage or hacking.

Easy connection

Identify yourself on social networks, your data is never exposed. Secure access to your e-mail box or online banking, among other things.

No subscription

Save money, one payment for life, you don't pay a subscription, neither monthly nor yearly. No hidden costs.

30-year warranty

Do not worry about the obsolescence of the card, Keepser technology does not expire.

Encrypted payment

Buy securely online. Keepser authenticates you so you can pay with your encrypted stored bank cards.

No cable

Stop looking for your cables, there is no battery. Easy to transport and available anywhere, anytime.

Forget your passwords

Allow yourself to forget all your passwords, the Keepser card encrypts them and stores them for you.

Secure sharing

Share your data effortlessly and securely, Keepser encrypts your data to send it to whoever you want, wherever you are.


With a single gesture

Secure quickly and easily, transfer your data effortlessly with a simple gesture!
You just need to place your Keepser behind an Android smartphone with an NFC antenna and the connection will be instant. The card works with the Keepser mobile application and web browser plugin previously installed.


Cutting-edge technology in a card the size of a bank card.
Convenient, keep your card in your wallet or in your pocket! No cables, no battery, no power. Storage is simplified, so you can use it every day, month, year, decade. The beginning of freedom now ...


An armoured card!


In partnership with Freemindtronic, years of engineering development and creative efforts have resulted in many of the patented technological feats contained in our cards.


Patent FR3063365

Segmented key authentication system

It is implemented in Keepser in encryption systems for Keepser's physical memories, data exchanges with the extension, access control and sharing of Keeps contained in a Keepser by adding criteria for trust.

See the patent

Patent FR3047099

Access control system

New stand-alone hardware and digital access control system without connection to an external server and with a customizable configuration system for independent "Administrator and User" authentication. This helps fighting many types of intrusive and non-intrusive attacks such as the interception of communication frames by malicious people.

See the patent


Questions? We have the answers.

How do I activate my card?

4 steps in 2 minutes
First step: Download the Android app.
Step two: Pair your Keepser with your Android smartphone by scanning the QR code on the white card (backup).
Step three: Download the Keepser chrome plugin.
Last step: Associate your Android smartphone with the Keepser chrome plugin.

What cryptocurrencies can I store?

Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum Cash ECASH, Namecoin NMC, Bitcoin cash BCC, Ethereum Classic ETC, ReddCoin RDD, Bitcoin Gold BTG, Ethereum Gold ETG, Ripple XRP, Dash, Ethereum lite ELITE, Solar Coin SLR, Digibyte DGB, Feather Coin FTC, Stellar XLM, Dogecoin DOGE, IOTA, Verge XVG, Tron TRX ...
Regarding this list of cryptocurrencies, you can automatically generate your public address from your private key. We work every day to increase this list. Keepser can also store any type of private key based on BitCoin and Ethereum (ERC20).

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Apps & Extension

The official Keepser apps and extension:

google play apple chrome






Keepser Pass: Password manager
Keepser Premium: Password manager + Cold wallet
*One Keeps = one entry, one username & password or one crypto ...

Warning: Keepser only works with an Android smartphone equipped with an NFC antenna (IOS > first semester 2022)

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