How do I activate my card?

4 steps in 2 minutes
First step: Download the Android app.
Step two: Pair your Keepser with your Android smartphone by scanning the QR code on the white card (backup).
Step three: Download the Keepser chrome plugin.
Last step: Associate your Android smartphone with the Keepser chrome plugin.

Why is it important to make a backup on the Keepser white card?

The white card (backup) delivered for any initial purchase of a Keepser is used to create a backup of all the data contained in the black card. You must keep this white card in a safe place.

What cryptocurrencies can I store?

Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum Cash ECASH, Namecoin NMC, Bitcoin cash BCC, Ethereum Classic ETC, ReddCoin RDD, Bitcoin Gold BTG, Ethereum Gold ETG, Ripple XRP, Dash, Ethereum lite ELITE, Solar Coin SLR, Digibyte DGB, Feather Coin FTC, Stellar XLM, Dogecoin DOGE, IOTA, Verge XVG, Tron TRX ...
Regarding this list of cryptocurrencies, you can automatically generate your public address from your private key. We work every day to increase this list. Keepser can also store any type of private key based on BitCoin and Ethereum (ERC20).

Can I use the card with an old smartphone?

To use Keepser you need an ANDROID version 6 or higher smartphone and NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality. See list of smartphones with NFC.

What if I lose my smartphone?

Don't worry, there is no data from your Keepser on your smartphone. Download the Keepser app on a new smartphone, pair your Keepser with it.

What should I do if I lose my Keepser black card?

If you lose your Keepser, don't worry. No one can access the data stored in your Keepser. We recommend that you buy another Keepser black card and use your white card (backup) to copy your data to the black card. Always keep the white card (backup) in a safe place.

What happens if I lose or can't remember my administrator password?

If you lose your administrator password, you will not be able to access your administrative settings. This data is confidential and we have no way of knowing it. You should keep it in a safe place.

What is the maximum length allowed for the administrator password?

The maximum length is 16 characters (numbers, letters and specific characters) from the ASCII table.

What types of websites are compatible?

Over 94% are compatible with Keepser. On some websites, there is two-step authentication to log in automatically.

Where are the administrator settings and what do they contain?

Accessible by clicking on the icon at the upper left side then "Administration". Administrator pass management, user pin management, keepser card cloning, geolocation management, card information, etc.

Where are the user settings and what do they contain?

Accessible by clicking on the icon at the upper left side then "Settings". Global settings keyboard, default language, Keeps names, timer display, Keepser plugin, random generator, etc.

What is the maximum length allowed for the password?

You can store the password up to 48 characters depending on the length of your username and keeps name. The maximum length of these 3 data is 61 characters.

Is there a random generator in the Keepser app?

Yes, you can use it automatically or use specific settings. Press 2/3 seconds on the icon next to the password field. The "Random parameters" window appears and you can then choose between customizing the generator, hexadecimal.

How to store a password?

It is very easy to store the login credentials: write the user name, password and name of the Keeps then press the icon to save. That's all!

What is a seed phrase?
(for KEEPSER Premium and Premium+)

The recovery phrase consists of a sequence of words (12, 15, 18, 21 or 24). It is extremely important because it allows you to recover your cryptos in case of loss or theft of the device. That is why it must be stored in a very secure way. Keepser allows these words to be saved completely offline. They will be kept only in your Keepser and in the backup and will never be connected to the Internet. Record up to 100 encrypted mnemonic phrases (Bip39) for at least 30 years, without the need for a power source. This has the advantage of never exposing the private keys to human sight.

What kind of seed phrase can I store?

You can choose between 12, 15, 18, 21 or 24 word sentences.

How to store the seed phrase?
(for KEEPSER Premium and Premium+)

Choose the number of words in your recovery phrase and the language to write them.

Is it safe to share Bitcoin, Ethereum, or IOTA private keys? (for KEEPSER Premium and Premium+)

You have to be very careful with your private keys. You should never show them to a third party. When you share private keys through the KEEPSER app, your data is encrypted offline. The person you want to send your private key to has to create an RSA key with their own device. It sends you the public key to encrypt the data. No one will be able to decrypt your crypto private key. Only the person who has the RSA private key will be able to do this.

In what language can I write the words of my recovery sentence? (for KEEPSER Premium and Premium+)

There are 7 languages available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The different words will be recognized immediately when you start typing the first characters.

How do I store my cryptocurrencies?
(for KEEPSER Premium and Premium+)

Once the first steps are taken with the card activated, add a cryptocurrency to Keepser by clicking in the application menu on "Cryptocurrency". Then scan the QR code or manually enter the private key of your cryptocurrency wallet. Then all you have to do is specify a Keeps name (label) to identify your crypto, "Bitcoin" for example if it is your bitcoin wallet. There you have it, you just have to present the card under your smartphone with the NFC activated, and the storage is done. No information is saved either on the phone or on the computer. The information is stored on Keepser or on the white card (backup). The phone only has an NFC reader function.

I bought a new phone; do I have to pair my card with it again?

If you have a new phone, simply re-install the Keepser app on your new device, and re-pair using the QR code.