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Keepser Group is offering an Enterprise product portfolio. It has many extra features compared to the Consumer e-commerce models and can be customized both at the hardware or software level. It could be Keepser-branded or use a white-label approach.
The Enterprise Keepser Cold Wallet has a suite of fleet management functions, as well as two separate administrator and user domains. The Enterprise administrator can hide information from the users and define criteria of access-control that the user does not have to know. Criteria can include PIN code, geofencing, network-fencing, QR Code scanning or other administrator-defined criteria. A user can use but not see or access the data stored in the Keepser Cold Wallet. Only when all the authentication and conditions of access are matched, it can then access VPN or secured website of the Enterprise, perform e-commerce payment or perform cryptocurrency transactions, without ever knowing nor typing IDs or passwords.
The “reset-to-factory” function enables the enterprise to safely re-assign the Keepser Cold Wallets to new users, without security or confidentiality concern. This allows for an efficient fleet management.
More an more services and functions will be added by Keepser Group over time, without ever compromising the level of security.
The Enterprise customer can also take advantage of a palette of pre-defined customizations, for a very quick adaptation to the customer’s context: change the color and the logo on the Keepser Card, add or change the branding of the Keepser Application or the Keepser Plug-in. The modular architecture allows for most software features to be activated or inhibited upon customer’s needs.
Beyond this pre-defined customization, interfacing, integrating or extending the Keepser Application or the Keepser Plug-in with 3rd party software is possible. Keepser Group and its partners are developing and continuously expanding a set of Advanced Programming Interfaces (APIs) and a developer tool box, to enable the integration and addition of more and more value-added features into the platform. This could be used as a proprietary solution for a given customer, or as a solution that Keepser and its sales-channel partners would push to market.

The solution contains:

1 KCW PRO+ (black card) + 1 Expert Safe Clone (white card) + A free software app and its free extensions + 100 Keeps.
- Up to 5 criteria: Administrator-defined & User-defined
Password, Fingerprint, Geo-fencing function, QR Code, Bar Code, BSSID (Network /Access Point address).
- 2 QR Code stickers (My card / Backup).

Comparative features between KCW PRO+ and B2C products

KCW PRO+ is a contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) system that is coupled with an advanced security app and plugin, both available for free download. It offers double the storage capacity for more passwords and cryptocurrencies. It includes the innovative geofencing function, i.e. the definition of a geographic perimeter, outside of which the KCW PRO+ solution cannot be used. It is very easy to configure, select your position or another location on the map, set the authorization perimeter, and you're done! This function has many applications, such as controlling access to a VPN when working remotely and the user does not know the access codes, which prevents them from going online outside their home. Another example is providing subcontractors with a KCW PRO+, enabling them to perform tasks and access certain information only in predefined locations without knowing the access codes. The KCW PRO+ solution opens the door to many useful options that used to be impossible without being exposed to a security risk.

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