Crypto Cold Wallet

Supported cryptocurrencies


Store, manage, share & exchange data required for cryptocurrency management:
Private keys of cryptocurrency wallets and Seed/recovery phrases.

Enter and safely store various types of keys in the Keepser Card:
The private key (address) of your own non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet where a single type of cryptocurrency is held.
The public key of your hosted-wallet, provided by an exchange platform hosting this wallet. This wallet can contain several types of cryptocurrencies.
The corresponding private key is held by the exchange platform.
The public key of a 3rd party cryptocurrency wallet to which you intend to send cryptocurrency to.
Keepser is loaded with many encryption algorithms and security protocols for interoperability with many platforms.

KEEPSER GROUP will continuously add new cryptocurrencies as requested by customers and the market. Keepser can store any type of private key based on BitCoin, Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Polygon (Matic). Thousands of coins and tokens supported (updated March 2022):


Bitcoin BTC
Ethereum ETH
All ERC20 tokens
All BEP20 tokens
Binance BNB
Tether USDT
Polygon MATIC
Ripple XRP
Litecoin LTC
Cronos CRO
Dogecoin DOGE
Tron TRX
Bitcoin Cash BCH
Stellar XLM
Ftx Token FTT
Shiba inu SHIB
Elrond EGLD
Chainlink LINK
Ethereum Cash ECASH
Binance usd BUSD
Verge XVG
Zcash ZEC
Namecoin NMC
ReddCoin RDD
Bitcoin Gold BTG
Ethereum Gold ETG
Digibyte DGB
Trust Wallet TWT
The Sandbox SAND
Maker MKR
Theta network THETA
Pancakeswap CAKE
Ethereum Lite ELITE
FeatherCoin FTC
Solarcoin SLR