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Keepser Apps & Plugins

Keepser App: a free software application can be downloaded on any NFC-enabled smartphone and available in 3 languages :
English, French and Spanish(and many more to come.)
The app is automatically installed in the smartphone’s language.
The Keepser app can be downloaded on any Android® device and on the computer, and will soon be available for download on iPhone®.
The app’s graphical user interface has been designed to be simple and intuitive.
Sophisticated security and authentication rules can easily be defined by the user through a sequence of intuitive menus.
The user has access to the menus and functions corresponding to the Keepser Cold Wallet model that they have purchased.

Keepser Plugin: a free browser plugin available to enable extended capabilities using a computer. The Keepser Plugin is a smart software module that acts as an add-on to a web browser and gives the browser additional functionality. The Keepser Plug-in can detect which site is visited and allow for the user to perform actions and operations using the Keepser App and the Keepser Card.