About us

Keepser Team

Keepser Group is a Deep Tech cybersecurity company, focused on developing and deploying solutions using its awarded ultra-secure Keepser Cold Wallet.
It serves both the consumer and the enterprise markets in areas including cryptocurrency management, password-less login or e-commerce payment, and much more in the future. Its unique architecture and patented embedded IP allow Keepser Group to efficiently combine use-cases and address the ever-evolving need for securing, accessing and using sensitive data.

Joseph Collado Joseph Collado Founder - CEO

Investor & Entrepreneur

Victor Monreal Descarrega Victor Monreal Descarrega Co-founder

Crypto Expert

Brenda Gamarra Brenda Gamarra Marketing Director
freemindtronic Freemindtronic Partner

Cybersecurity expert & manager of patented technologies embedded into Keepser products

Noelia Paredes Noelia Paredes Digital Marketing Specialist
Francesc Xavier MATAS ABAD Francesc Xavier Matas Abad Product and Logistic Assistant