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NFC Cold wallet for Crypto

The world has changed. What was valuable to us was easy to identify.
Nowadays, it is no longer all about money, precious stones or a golden metal... Now it is our data that’s valuable. Our assets are also digital.
And we have the duty to protect them. Keepser's cold wallet solution provides a proven solution, not with a digital system, but with a hardware system.
Like the old safe, the security level of hardware wallets varies greatly.
Ours is state-of-the-art, multi-layered, mobile, lightweight and extremely resistant. Resistant to attacks and weather conditions.


A complete solution

Our solutions take the form of a physical card, your digital safe, which stores all your sensitive data, passwords, bank cards, access data and essential data for managing and storing your cryptocurrencies (seed phrases, private keys, etc.). The card is associated with a free app that can be downloaded to your phone and a plugin that enables you to use the card on a computer. The app and plugin act as a smart bridge between the card and the outside world. They manage decryption permissions and secure communication, but do not store any data.
*Keepser app on Apple App Store > Q1 2024

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keepser nfc cold wallet
A contactless NFC card that looks like a top-quality credit card, and with all the technology.
Keepser Safe Clone
Restore mechanisms for your Keepser Cold Wallet (cloning, back-up...).
Keepser Extension
A free add-on for the browser to extend its features.
Keepser App
A free software app on Google Play or Apple App Store* with any NFC-enabled smartphone.


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Maximum Security

The Keepser card is the most secure card in its class. Combined with an app installed on a smartphone, an unprecedented level of security is achieved by combining a highly reliable and secure authentication and storage device based on a patented segmented key technology. This means that, unlike all other solutions, private keys are segmented into several parts that are distributed among the different components of the Keepser Cold Wallet solution, providing an unprecedented level of security.

NFC Crypto Hardware Wallet

Your safety
on autopilot

The app includes a complex library of functions that are activated via NFC. An administration console is provided to configure various settings. Depending on the model, up to 3 trust criteria can be defined to strictly control the conditions of authorised access, make the KEEPS invisible, manage a fleet of cold wallets or configure many other parameters. The accumulation of trust criteria is an innovation of the Keepser Cold Wallet solution. They may include criteria of geographic location (geofencing), network address (SSID), use of scanning, barcode or QR code scanning, and many other combinations. A state-of-the-art encryption generator ensures that the secrets can only be read by the intended recipient. Therefore, financial transactions or sensitive applications can be performed through reliable, private and anonymous communication channels.

Contactless / NFC Tapping

In one step!

Protect your data quickly and easily. Connect and transfer your data effortlessly, with a simple movement.
Just place your Keepser Cold Wallet behind a smartphone with an NFC antenna and the connection will be instantaneous. The card works with the Keepser mobile app and possibly a previously installed web browser plugin. Autofill or automatically log in to connect to secure websites or perform web transactions by simply placing the KEEPSER CARD near an NFC terminal with the KEEPSER app.

crypto COLD wallet

Keepser Pro & Pro+

the simplest, most efficient, secure and cost-effective solution for cryptocurrency investors and users who require a very high level of security. The solution has a scalable capability and can be adapted to be compatible with all cryptocurrency platforms, regardless of their current or future encryption standards. Keepser PRO can securely store all the assets needed for cryptocurrency management and transaction (Pro & Pro+ models).

Thousands of coins and tokens supported (updated March 2022)
Keepser can also store any type of private key based on BitCoin, Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and Polygon (Matic).


Store, manage,
share and exchange
with just a tap

Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, All ERC20 Tokens, All BEP20 Tokens, Polygon Matic, Litecoin LTC, Ethereum Cash ECASH, Namecoin NMC, Bitcoin cash BCC, Ethereum Classic ETC, ReddCoin RDD, Bitcoin Gold BTG, Ethereum Gold ETG, Ripple XRP, Dash, Ethereum lite ELITE, Solar Coin SLR, Digibyte DGB, Feather Coin FTC, Stellar XLM, Dogecoin DOGE, IOTA, Verge XVG, Tron TRX ...
We work every day to increase this list.


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Safety first


In a hyperconnected world and in a context of digital transition, we must beware of attacks, data theft or identity theft. Our personal data (location, habits, purchases, social networks, hobbies, browsing activity, behaviour, etc.) are used, analysed and processed, so your security is paramount.
The Keepser Group not only identifies problems, but it also uses our experience, partnerships and technological know-how to develop disruptive solutions.
The goal is simple: to give you control of your data and secure your digital assets.



It may seem surprising nowadays, but the safest way to store data is to keep them unconnected. Nowhere.
But this "step back" in connectivity in an ultra-connected world should not prevent you from using ultra-secure, fast and accessible technology with the latest technical advances such as NFC/tapping (contactless)

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No cloud / No server


We take a comprehensive view and always prioritise security. For example, we do not store customer data in a conventional manner. We give customers access to our security technology for all the information they transmit to us.
We will not ask you to trust us, we do not have access to any of your data, not even your administrator password, which you should guard very carefully.

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Patents & Awards

In partnership with Freemindtronic, years of engineering development and creative efforts
have resulted in many of the patented technological feats contained in our cards.

The technology of the Freemindtronic study centre implemented in our cards has won several world awards
which makes Keepser the most secure card in the world.

patented technology Patent
Patent FR3063365

Segmented key authentication system It is implemented in Keepser in encryption systems for Keepser's physical memories, data exchanges with the extension, access control and sharing of Keeps contained in a Keepser by adding criteria for trust.

See the patent

Patent FR3047099

Access control system New stand-alone hardware and digital access control system without connection to an external server and with a customizable configuration system for independent "Administrator and User" authentication. This helps fighting many types of intrusive and non-intrusive attacks such as the interception of communication frames by malicious people.

See the patent


CES 2022 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT Category Cybersecurity & Personnal Privacy CES is the Most Influential Tech Event in the World.

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Geneva International Invention Award

2021 Gold medal Regarding the "Patent FR3063365" implemented in Keepser. Geneva International Invention Competition, the only global competition dedicated to inventors and applicants for invention patents.

Global Infosec Award - Cyber Defense Magazine Award
Next-Gen in
Crypto Security

Cyber Defense Magazine In the Cold Wallet category and
in general the security of cryptocurrencies.

Global Infosec Award - Cyber Defense Magazine Award
Most Innovative
Hardware Password Manager

Cyber Defense Magazine The most innovative of hardware password managers.